December 1st has arrived and that means I can officially start decorating for the Holiday Season!
It also means, Jingle Bells while Decking the Halls: All.The.Time!

My kids started singing Christmas carols when they got home from school Friday.....and it's been pretty much non-stop since.
I suppose knowing that our Santa Clause Parade was Saturday night did not help.

Here are some shots from the parade:
a little pony!

SANTA!!!!! (yes, really - it is)

 okay, so that was basically to show you that I have a terrible phone camera that has no flash.
Enjoy the kids favourite floats from Macy's Thanksgiving parade instead:

Sonic the Hedgehog, Pikachu, Papa Smurf, Hello Kitty and Snoopy and Woodstock
Onto the Music -- it's non stop Christmas Music All Month long with Xmas Dolly!!

XmasDolly, Queen Christmas (per Naila-Moon, but how about Queen Elf hehehe) Conductor on this Musical trip.  Co-Elf conductors Callie of JAmerican Spice, Stacy of Stacy Uncorked, Cathy of Cathy Kennedy’s Blog NAILA MOON of Just the Stuff You Know !   NOW LET’S ROCK THIS PLACE & get this TRAIN rollin’! 

My kids have told me that they want to hear Christmas songs from a Real Actually I Mean For Realz Rock and Roll Star.

Like that's a tough request.
Ask and you shall receive (at least this time of the year) kiddos:

The Rock Star called The Boss

The ones known as The Fab Four:

Then of course, the one they still call The King

Reading Challenge Addict

Let those sleigh bells ring people! 
Christmas is near!