Just popping in to share a little bit of what was going on during this festive holidays.
We had quite a bit on our "to do" list: but as you can see - it was mostly fun.

And food.
Lots of food.

And to think, we have another week to go.

I should have asked for stretchy pants.

I baked, I lunched with my mom with a beautiful snow covered view of our Madawaska River.  We joined the JrK class for some arts and crafts, while Angel Girl was busy in her Grade 1 class making us a lovely rag wreath (how-to post to come) and a poinsettia.
We received beautiful Christmas cards (special thanks to Cathy Kennedy).    Inspired, I made a lovely photo book with Blurb for the grandparents.  
We had fun in the snow .... and sometimes just stared at it as it seemed to glow with Christmas fairy dust.  Of course that called for an evening tour around the town to see the Christmas lights dance and some even sang -- you would have video evidence of that except the wind sings louder apparently.  

We dressed fancy - and lounged all day in our new Christmas pj's.    We watched movies by the fire.

We got some amazing early gifts.   A couple were warm and fuzzy friends to cuddle with while watching those movies.   

 One which took time to assemble (Lego - Helm's Deep clocking in at over 1300 pieces that took Monkey Boy half a day to build.  We're waiting the official answer from Guinness), and one that was the amazing result of a dear friends' generosity:  my new Canon Rebel T3 camera.   Oh yes, you will be seeing more of that -- as soon as I figure it out.
yes, my son could probably do that faster.

We dined by candlelight on Christmas Eve with the lovely ice sculpture my mom and I made (another upcoming how-to post).   While outside the door, Santa's way was lit by other ice sculptures with LED tea lights. 
And the most magical of moments - I Caught Santa thanks to forgetting my iPhone by the Christmas tree.

Well.....that Christmas crack bark is pretty magical too.
Especially eating it by the fire in your warm and cozy Christmas pj's while snuggling with your love ones....and their stuffed friends, and laughing at Buddy the Elf.

Making memories at Christmas is not that hard to do at all. 

I'll be back to post that delicious can't stop eating it recipe and some other goodies over the next week or so.  
But mostly, I'll be out  making those memories.
Blessings to you as you do the same!