Yesterday turned out to be the Snow Day....that never snowed.
Or rained.
Heck, it wasn't even freezing.
My ice sculptures have all melted.

My little part of Canada is definitely Not the land of ice and snow right now.
Aside from the grumbles of the minions who could not go sledding, I have decided to count my blessings.

Winter is yet upon us little ones.   Never fret.
You will have snowflakes on your nose and lashes, and your wee piggies will be suitably frozen in no time.

At least my kiddos will be properly attired.    And when their snow play is done, a warm home bursting with the aroma of fresh sugar cookies and hot cocoa.

Not all are so fortunate.   Not all are blessed this festive season.
But, you can do a little something:   You Can Be A Blessing.

 I wanted to share something from another blogger I admire greatly for their giving and compassionate heart:   Beth Ann Chiles writes over at It's Just Life and she posted this fabulous idea called Blessing Bag to Go.

There are many people who have no food to warm their bellies; no suitable clothing for the weather  - especially at winter; no warm dry place to lay their head at night.   This Blessing Bag is such an easy thing for so many of us to do.   Such a simple thing to show someone who is often "unseen" - that we see them.   To show love.

"The King will reply, 'Truly I tell you, 
whatever you did for one of the least 
of these brothers and sisters of mine, 
you did for me.'

Matthew 25:40

I think this would be a great project to do with my Sunday School Class for our Community Minded Giving lessons.    You could also do such a project with your kids; it's an easy way to give.   You can refer to Beth Ann's blog post about suitable items to be placed in the Blessing Bag.     Or naturally, there is a Pinterest Board for that too.
Be The Blessing!   Suggested Items for a Blessing Bag to go: place in Large Ziploc

 On to the Beach!
This week’s co-host is WILLIAM from SPEAK OF THE DEVIL who came up with the last statement.

Feeling Beachie

The statements:

1.  Have you started/finished your Christmas Shopping yet?

I can see with a big smile:  Yes started, and pretty much finished.
Pass the wine.

2.  I was born in a small town on the St. Lawrence River, Brockville - Ontario, Canada.   Eh. is one of Ontario's oldest urban centres and was named after the British General, Sir Isaac Brock.   It is located directly across the river from Morristown, New York, USA.   It's "sister city" is Ontario, California, USA -- founded by civil engineer George Chaffey.  It was a pretty small little town when I lived there, but naturally over the years it has expanded.    Our most notable resident was Canadian Socialite, Francis Ford Seymour:  late mother to Jane and Henry Fonda, late wife to Henry Fonda.  She has quite a story if you would like some interesting reading.

3.  I have never broken a promise, at least as far as I know.    I take that very seriously - I won't make one if I cannot deliver.    "My Word is My Bond" is not a common sentiment these days.  Sadly.

4.  I can’t stand it when the toy manufactures hog tie poor Barbie, her shoes, her spare outfit, the toy dog....and anything else contained in the package, TO THE PACKAGE.  I swear all that plastic would survive a nuclear bomb.  And then once, if you are very lucky, you get all that cut away....SURPRISE!!!  tiny elastics are also wrapped around her feet, hands, head, and all the accessories.    What kind of damn bondage thing is going on here?   Why is it so hard to free a poor defenceless toy these days?

Last year's S&M Toy Nightmare:
Buy it, they'll like it - you'll have fun, They Said.

Bless their hearts.