The weather forecast for tomorrow is not looking good.
Pay special attention to the red circled part

Unless you are 4, 6 or 9 and mama has the winter clothing all washed and ready to.... SNOW!

They've already been enjoying the white stuff:

 Angel Girl doing snow angels....on the deck.   Of course.

 I had my own kind of fun in the snow...... being very careful of my iPhone and these this time!

gggrrrr....dem stairs!!   PencilSketch filter

Tint Filter
And since my injury caused me to miss out last week, I made special effort while soaking my tired, sore feet in the tub after a night of dancing at Left Brain's office party;  to capture some Selfies.     That I promptly edited with some filters as well because my crappy old iPhone only has the one way camera.......  selfies are hard when you cannot actually see yourself y'all.  

Working on a Project

basic black and white with vignette

a snowy/frosty effect seemed fitting

Pretty in Pink - Dual Tone Filter
And as I's hard to get a Full Frontal Face Shot.....when you have to turn the phone AWAY from

Yah -  I got one eye in the pic. 
If you think this  B/W with Focal Colour looks creepy.... you should have seen the untouched photo.

Which is also why there are no Dancing Queen photos either folks.
You're welcome.