Some thought this Halloween outfit might be too scary for Angel Girl.

I did wonder if it was not a bit Monster Highish -- which are dolls she is not allowed to beg me continually until I want to stick a fork in my ear and no matter how good you have been Santa is not bringing you one ask for.

Then I saw it on her and thought is was really cute.   Black...and of course, Pink is here!
Then I picked up my camera....and the real fear hit.....

....just check out that fierce poise/pose on my 6 year old darling daughter:

I am seriously a little scared of this Batgirl.
Also, totally not dating until she's 25.  30.  maybe later.

Good thing I have one that's still a bit goofy....

 nope.  darn it.   she's pretty cute too.'s the rainy night pics that were responsible for me almost breaking my bum.

Clearly their poise does not come from their mother.

(again, I played with different filters on my photo editing program.)

this was edited with the BeFunky app on my iPhone.  that I didn't drop!

Strike a pose, or striking poise lately?