Welcome to Coffee Chat!
Grab your favourite hot beverage, and come join the chat!

It doesn't have to be coffee.
I myself am rather partial to some peppermint flavoured and marshmallow laden hot chocolate these days.
Like this - but not this

They had little packages as place holders at Left Brain's office holiday party on the weekend.
(yes, Christmas party already.  don't go there....let's keep the chat pleasant.)

 Anyway, I found 7 of those hot chocolate gifts in my purse when I returned home.

I'm either a cotton-headed ninny-muggins.

Or I just really like to share.

Sharing's my favourite.


Tuesday, November 26/13
I like sharing; sharing's my favourite.
What one thing would you refuse to share?

I know many of you might think -- Of course, Coffee!    Rory won't share her coffee!
But of course I would share java witcha!!

I mean, not in my cup -- I'd get you your own hot cup of whatever you like.
Just not in My Mug!

Naturally, I try to teach my kids to share.   With one another, and those outside our home.
There is nothing worse than inviting someone into your home, and then your kids suddenly become all stingy and protective bears of their play things.
(and it is equally uncomfortable to find yourself at someone's home, and their child is behaving likewise.)

But you know, I do think that it is okay to have Some Things - or Just One Thing - that is OURS.
It is so special and precious, that we don't have to share.
Mine's called Left Brain.   *side eye*

As for my kids - meet The Precious:

Pikachu, Ducky, and DD - waiting for their people to come home.

These are the lovies that Monkey Boy, Angel Girl and ZooZoo sleep with.  Every.Night.
So....it is very important to mama's sanity that their sleep is good - and thus, These Must Not Be Lost/Damaged/Dirtied....anything that might keep the children up All The Hours.
Also, the crying.
it's ugly.

Perhaps it is mostly self preservation that I tell them, "No, you don't have to share Pika/Duckie/Dd.  They are special - put them somewhere safe."

But I also do think it is nice to have one thing in this world that belongs to you; and you alone.

Peace, Love, and Goodwill to all...... just don't touch my snuggly lovie.
He is mine, and I am his.

And I didn't really have to teach my kids that lesson.
I suspect they came by it honestly.

Plushie Daryl Dixon on my night stand
He's guarding my writing journal.

NEXT WEEK:    The Festive Month!   Complete the following statement:  All I Want for Christmas is.....