Welcome to the Coffee Chat. I have an easy chat day for you today.

It may, or may not have something to do with the fact that I am pinkie toe, ankle, knee ....and somehow but I am not sure behind my right elbow....deep in Cotton Candy Pink Paint.

https://s-media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com/736x/1c/11/a3/1c11a3173fc50b9c617ecda9c627278f.jpg That right there....is happening on my walls today.

Well not specifically MY walls....because I would still like Left Brain to live and sleep here.

But my daughters are finally getting the Pink Explosion Bedroom Makeover they always begged me endlessly dreamed of.

 Secretly, I am in Pink Pinning Heaven!! (click to see my Pinterest Board of Ideas)

Stay Tuned for the Before and After Makeover Post Coming Soon.

 Tuesday, November  12th/13

Inspirational/Motivational Quote.   Share one if you got one.

   Someone asked me recently what I taught my young girls about self image and self worth.
I responded that, since they are only 6 and 4 at this point, my main focus is to just teach them that they have a value beyond simply the external.    Thus, I do not just say to my girls, "my how pretty you are."  Although, of course I compliment them and tell them they are beautiful.

But I also make sure to place focus on other achievements.  And yes, sometimes their failures too - those things that make us less than perfect. 
Because guess what?  You get to try again tomorrow.

Mostly I try to instill that their self worth, is a value worth protecting.
And only then can protect and preserve it.

As they get older, the one mistake I do not want to see them make, is paying too high a price to obtain an "easier" life.   To take the easy mark that leads to an instant gratification; but which inevitable has a high bill that one day comes due.
That in the end, what they so freely gave away; will cost them way more to purchase back.

But at 6 and 4 - these are concepts beyond their tender years just yet.

Soooo, what's a mom to do?

Um - Live It Herself.
Kids are born mimics y'all.


Do you have a favourite quote?

NEXT WEEK:   Gettin' Crafty.  Make anything lately?
And I am not just asking because I need Christmas or bedroom makeover ideas.