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I am Crafty Born of Necessity.
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It's amazing the things you can learn, the lengths you will go, and the glue and glitter you can drown in when your little girls ask for their dream bedroom.

Tuesday, November 19th/13
Gettin' Crafty.
Make anything lately?
And I am not just asking because I need Christmas or bedroom makeover ideas.

Naturally, being 2 little girls raised with eyes adoringly on all things Princess and Fairy and cotton candy clouds.... this was featured prominently:

Cotton Candy Pink -- because of course
 They also wanted those fairies on the wall.
And butterflies.    And flowers -- for the butterflies of course.
And ZooZoo had to have purple polka dots too.

Just get me the Pepto Bismal now.

But...I confess.   I kinda started to get excited about doing the typical pink dream little girl fairy bedroom.   Thank you Pinterest, you are ever so evil helpful. 

I saw a picture of Tinkerbell blowing fairy dust over the walls of another bedroom and thought that was a great place to start.

**Please note: I realized after taking the pictures, that their bedroom lamp has a pink flower shade -- thus casting a pink glow over everything!!  It's really NOT quite this pink.***

Sweet dreams my little pixies!
A close up on that fairy picture?
How about several?

I cannot actually draw that well.   So I did not want to draw the fairies and one Peter Pan on their bedroom wall.   The newly painted walls.   That I painted.   Free hand....because we had no painter's tape to cover the edges or baseboards.

But silhouettes I can handle.
So I drew these onto some paper, then used an X-Acto knife to cut the shapes onto some cardboard I actually pulled out of the recycling.    I think it was a Fruit Loops cereal box.

Here are the designs:

Once cut out, simply paint the cardboard images your colour of choice.

 You will need some of these canvas art squares:


If you choose to paint the canvas like I did, again - choose your colour and allow drying time.
Once the painted canvas was done, I hot glued (yes - it's very hot!  Ow!) the painted fairy images to the canvas square.

I sealed the whole square withe some Mod Podge. 

When that was dry, I added some flowers and stars that are normally intended for Scrap booking.

When all is dry to touch, just hang it on the wall.

I wanted that 3D Effect -- not some image flat on the wall, and I really liked how they turned out.  

ZooZoo's purple polka dotted fairy dust was created with various round objects such as a wine cork, a napkin ring and Q tip for the smallest dots.  I simply the sponged the various shades of purple paint into the circles.    You cannot tell in the photo - but yes,  Glitter Paint was used. 

Since glitter is like, totally a colour mom!

I did some other little projects based on the same technique:  canvas art squares and images I drew, cut and painted.

From Top Left corner:  2 pictures I used the canvas square technique on, just bigger size; wood block letter sign "Hope" which AngelGirl created with letters cut out of scrap booking paper and glued on the painted wood blocks, and some added accessories, followed by coat of Mod Podge;  Feathers in a shadow box - another one Angel Girl did herself; and finally an old picture that used to hang in their nurseries that I repainted, then glued flowers over the original image.

Presto - Dream Room!
And on a budget.
Aside from the wall paint (just under $100), the only things I had to purchase were the canvas art squares ($1-$2 each), the scrap booking flower stickers, and a couple of purple craft paints.

And all those supplies were under $20!!!  Everything else we already had in our craft box.

Necessity is the absolutely the Mother of Invention folks!

How about you -- do you get crafty?
Painting, drawing, flower arranging, card making....???

And if anyone can help me with how to fix this eyesore:

I am forever in your debt!

See the Pinterest Board I created with more images of the bedroom makeover HERE.

Next Week:   The Holiday Season fast approaches.....according to the newly stocked shelves in my local stores and the already playing Christmas jingles.    But I do love the Giving Season, because generally speaking:  I like sharing; sharing is my favourite.   But.......
What one thing would you refuse to share?