Saturday night and I can barely form the spoken word, let alone gather enough wits to write a decent post.

I am soooooo knackered it's unreal.

I wonder why.....

Monday:  my mom arrived for a week long visit early Monday morning, and off we went to do some birthday girl shopping for ZooZoo --- and squeeze in a little pre-Christmas shopping to too.    A nice lunch in the middle and a Pumpkin Spice for the drive back home made it a lovely day out.

Then home to cook dinner for ZooZoo's birthday.  Tacos.  Of course.
Also, cupcakes.

Tuesday:  Antiques!
Yes, really just more shopping.   I come from a long line of great shoppers, so it's in the genes.   I can't resist.   Besides, this was just browsing - we can browse antique shops FOREVER.  
It was lovely walking from home to my pretty little town's downtown area and the shops.
Until I remember after 2 hours of walking around.....we had to walk back home.

Wednesday:  Zumba!
Also, afternoon pumpkin carving!  Times 4. 
And getting the kids to AWANA that night.   Plus 2 other children I drove.   Late night to bed and mama is starting to fade too.

Thursday:  The Big Spook!
Grocery shop and last minute preparation.
Early supper, get the kids ready, get the candy ready, light the pumpkins....oh crap!!  get myself ready!!
6 pm And off we go.    OVER AN HOUR LATER!
AND 2 bags of candy each per child!   (about 8 pounds folks!)
Commencing Sugar Coma in 5,4,3,2....... and nope!     8 pm and still running amuck

somewhere after 9 pm all finally abed and the annual pilfering of the treat bags begins Great Candy Sort Commences.

TGIF!:    Surprise!  Grumpy Children who have been up 3 late nights this week?   Wake Up Early!
Mission Get everyone on the bus as fast as possible commences.  My coffee machine is on overdrive.
Say Goodbye to Grandma on the way and don't let the door hit anyone in the arse!
Consider 2nd cup of coffee after all have gone, but spy all the mini chocolate bar wrappers by laptop......hhhmmmmm..?
Right.  Off to Aquafit.
*insert afternoon nap ruined by constant phone ringing here*
The one great thing about Fridays?   It's movie/pizza night = no cooking for mom!

Saturday:   Wake Up!!  NOW!!! NOW!!!
Remember that nap attempt yesterday?   You didn't clean the house.  And today is the birthday party.
People will attempt to walk across your sticky kitchen floor today.   Find toilet paper in bathrooms.
Try not to gag while washing their hands and staring at toothpaste gobs.
Get up and clean. time to linger!   There's still food prep to be done!
11 AM - PARTY!!
entertain, fill drinks, clean up drinks, eat, eat, eat!, help girls paint their jewellery boxes,  CAKE!, coffee and talk with mom friends after gift opening......3 PM?!  Really?
Everyone out.  seriously.... I'm done, get out.   LOL

Crap.  Clean up.   Also, dinner?

Left Brain saves the Day by appearing on back deck with fresh propane tank and handful of burgers, buns and hot dogs.  YEAH for marriage to equally slack spouses!   haha

10 PM:  Couch Coma

But I did make you this handy little slide show of my very full week in between bites of nachos.

Warning: you might need a nap when done.

Ever had one of those weeks where you never stopped moving?
Come sit -  I got cake.