Can someone please come up here and tell my thermometer that it is still November.

I mean, I know there is only a few days left until December.
Still.....even longer until the actual first day of winter.

And yet.....there is very little to be read on my thermometer.

 Yes, thank you very much Google Image.
But I didn't really need YOU to tell me that my thermometer has very little Red to be Read!

It's minus 17 degrees Celsius folks
 (that is 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit if you speak American....and are warm enough to speak because your teeth are not chattering.)

All I need to do is look window.....because hell to the no:  Baby, It's Cold Outside!
You're Welcome!

 Forget the Zombie Apocalypse...... Snowman are scary y'all!

This is probably how my children feel Monday to Friday:

 Hubby didn't think this one was so funny......  I nearly choked laughing:

Because honestly - HUMOUR - that IS the secret to surviving the cold Canadian Winter.
And some really thick skin

Um, yeah - no.
I don't do that.
I'd totally have to shave my legs.

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