I really loved the Sunday School lesson with my Sprigs children this morning.

Our Bible story today was about Abram (later Abraham),  who God told to pack up all his worldly possessions, and leave his home to travel with his family to a new land.   (Genesis Chapter 12)

Basically God said:  Abram!  Ready, Set, Go!!   And off Abram went.


 A scary adventure for sure, my 4 and 5 year old students agreed.
It seemed impossible a task for them to believe that Abram would obey God's instructions.

So I played a little game with the children to demonstrate the concept of "Trust."

First, I had items scattered about the room and 2 large bins.
I instructed the children to gather the scattered items and place them in the containers.
While they scurried to accomplish this task, I cautioned them to ensure that they packed the items so that they were able to put on the lids.   This required a bit of re-packing.

Then I asked for volunteers to carry the bins.   Several hands were raised quickly.

Then came the real test -- I asked them to close their eyes.  No peeking!!

Then I gave the following instructions - while reminding to keep eyes closed!:

1.  Take 1 step forward.
2.   Turn in a circle on the spot twice.
3.  Take 2 steps forward.
4.  Take one big step to the right.
5.  Jump on the spot 3 times.
6.  sit down.

The children did all the above - without peeking and without question.

I said: "You all followed my instructions so well!  good job.  And especially those of you carrying our boxes."
Then I asked:  "But I am curious.....why did you obey my instructions?  Your eyes were closed!!  What if I walked you into the wall?!"

The children giggled about, but also paused to consider this.
One little boy called out:  "you wouldn't do that to us!! that would hurt!"

Me:  Soooo, you all knew that I would not ask you to do something unsafe.  Something that would hurt you?   Because I love all of you, I would not play a mean trick.  


Me:  That is TRUST children!   You all trusted that I would not lead you into harm.  That I would make the game fun!    Is that why you all did what I asked without question?


Me:  So, trusting me must have made it easier to obey my instructions?  Right?   

Well, that's exactly how Abram felt about God.
He knew that God loved him, and thus He would not ask him to do something that would hurt him.  
That's how Abram was able to obey God's instructions to Pack and Go Now!
God made Abram some grand promises too!!    That he would be blessed and nations would be blessed because of his obedience.   He was going to the Promise Land!!

If Abram had not trusted God enough to obey -- he would have missed out on a grand reward!   
He would have missed out on God's great plan for his life.
Just as if you had disobeyed me because you were afraid of me --- we would not have played such a fun game.

As a Bible story, it is obviously a great way to illustrate that God has a great plan for our lives, and that trusting Him enough to obey;  means we will have a blessed life!   (don't interpret this to mean "Easy life" -- God does not promise that we will not have trials.  In fact, He guarantees that we will.)

But I also thought of this lesson in terms of PARENTING.
If our own children trust us as parents -- that we won't lead them to harm.   That our rules are not just designed to keep us in control of them, or to have power over them.  BUT instead -- to help fulfill a great plan for their lives......
...... perhaps our children would be more inclined to Obey us?

I don't obey God because I fear Him.
I obey Him because I know His great love for me, and mine in turn, means a rich life of blessings.
I trust The Plan.

This is Relationship -- not Religion -- and Love is at it's core.
I am finding my children respond much better when my parenting also adopts the heavenly example.

Do you find it easy to Trust and Obey?