Thanks to my quest for the perfect night shot with my crappy iPhone 3 camera, and an embarrassing lack of balance and coordination that seems to have lingered since the final pregnancy; I have found it difficult to sit at the computer long this week.

I got purple butt cheeks and I cannot lie.

My apologies if I normally visit and you haven't seen me this week.

Hopefully there won't be a full moon this weekend, and I will have time to fully heal.

If only I knew some lovely person with a beach house where I could rest....regain my strength, maybe cuddle with a cute kitten to help me feel better.....

Feeling Beachie

Okay, you know the deal – Each week, I list four statements with a blank for you to fill in on your own blogs. If you want to join the fun and come up with four fill in’s of your own, please email them to me .
If I use them, I will add you as co-host to the hop! 
This week’s co-host is LESLIE FROM TIME OUT WITH MOM who came up with the last statement.

Wait!  Why.....that's me!!
See, I told she was just lovely!

The statements:

1.  I don’t remember the last time I truly did something really crazy and fun.  No holds barred, might regret it next day kinda fun.

Well I suppose technically - that is actually Trouble.
But that's the trouble with trouble you see:  it starts out as fun. 

2.  Sometimes I wish that cellophane wrap stuff that sticks to you when you try to cut if off, or it wraps the package so tightly - like a CD - that you have to use your keys, or carry a jackknife to get into the darn CD, and Holy Crap this is Michael Buble's newest disc COME ON!! ; or, the absolute worst, you buy something with cheese and the darn cheese sticks to the ##R$U#$#  cellophane and you can't just waste it, so there you are ......licking stupid ##$# cellophane just to get your lasagna cheese!!!.....*just breathe*.....were never invented.

3.   I love when someone hears you.   Which, if any of you are married to Left Brain sorts, is very different actually than "listening" to you.   In one, they Get You.   In the other, they get the spare bed.

4.    If I could I would do shopping all day.    Hold up, lemme 'xplain.   I never get to shop.   First, no spare money just to shop for fun.   Second, no second car, so actually stuck at home all day.  Even though the kids are now all in school.  (we live in small town, not city - so walk to mall no can do on super 400 series highway of death).  So yes, just because it said "if you could" - I am going with the frivolous and fun and completely self indulgent answer today.

I'll be back to my regular broke ass but spreading goodwill and peace to mankind tomorrow.

Besides, I never said y'all couldn't come with me.  ;)

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