So, this was happening this week:

 And this gave me an idea:

 Also this:

 If you're looking at those and thinking like me, "Yep, that's a LOT of pink".
You'd be right.
Also, work.

Which had to be done before today, Friday.    A PA Day from school means all 3 kiddos home.
Plus, sure I will babysit yours so you don't have to take the day off work.
And sure Monkey Boy, you can invite a friend over to play because I understand your attempt to even out the boy-girl ratio.  
(that's 5 kids total for you math sorts)
And Left Brain is working.
And I am tired and from late night crafty thingies.    I am loopy with craft genius!!
Although, that maybe actually be related to paint fumes and glitter glue.

Anyhoo.......all that pink and fairy and cute can only mean one thing...
.....I am Not redecorating my master bedroom.

Stay Tuned for the most crafty post ever at Time Out.

Feeling Beachie

On to Hilary's to find some missing words.
This week’s co-host is CARLA FROM RANDOM RAMBLING who came up with the last two statements.

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The statements:  

 1.   Crafting makes me crazy because they are never as easy as they look.   Also glue guns are really, really hot y'all.

2.  Whenever someone mentions that there is free coffee, I get very excited.    Unless of course they live in another country -- then they're just being cruel.    But thanks anyway Janice!  :)

3.  I know I should never stay up past midnight, but sometimes I can't help it.  

4.   I have fond memories of my grandparents farm from childhood.   All the horses you can ride, blueberry pie to eat,  hayloft swings to soar upon......and shit you can shovel.    There's probably a really good metaphor for life in there somewhere....

    Back to reality.
    Pretty sure that thumping I hear is NOT in fact just in my head.

    Especially since the girls got brand new bunk beds  and of course; with a little faith, trust and Pixie Dust - fairies can fly.
    And so can you.

    (no. no you can't. get down)