I knew it was only a matter of time once the sound of sniffles and coughs could be heard from the kid's bedrooms....
....that it would eventually find it's way to mine.

And it was really creepy when it all happened because as some of you may know -- the Zombie Apocalypse has been interrupted by some mysterious illness that is taking down survivors faster than a starved zombie leaping on that guy you didn't like anyway and tripped as you were running full tilt for the prison yard. 
So as the coughing increased on The Walking Dead - same story in my own house.   Very weird.

No worries --  you know I got this.   Just gotta do a quick run for some meds.

Don't worry - I'm not going all Carol on them or anything...


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This week’s statements:

1) I can’t believe that I actually bought 2 Christmas presents already!!   That is way ahead of the game for me.   And I helped my mom get some for the kids when she was visiting last week too.

I figured I might as well.....since they had the festive decorations up in stores before Halloween was even over.    Hurry much?  *eyeroll*

2) To celebrate a holiday I usually wait for the current one to be done.   Call me crazy, but I just like to stretch them out like that.

3) The meaning of life is never hurry, never worry.    Or wait, maybe it was keep your eye on the ball?  No....no... one day at a time.  that was it.   Which oddly, makes me want to have a drink.

4) I can’t stand being rushed.   Into anything.   But especially holidays.


Unless of course there is a really good deal....then you should rush right there before it's too late.
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Have a great weekend everyone, and I hope the sniffles don't find you!