Just a peek at the last remaining colours in my garden.
I had some fun using different filters in my editing program to really bring out the contrast of the blooms, against the changing leaves and dying grass.

Sedum Autumn Joy front and centre - a great Fall planting.  Phlox in the background

final blooms on my Phlox
Sometimes, if you are very lucky -- you might get an encore from certain plants.
Like this purple bellflower.

a busy hungry bee enjoying the remaining sweetness
I love the juxtaposition of this encore showing of my vinca/periwinkle bloom amongst fallen maple leafs.

raindrops on daisies

Marguerite Daisy - a very pretty fall addition

Rudbeckia - a Fall garden must have

purple pansies

Without fail annually just before Halloween:  Chinese Lanterns

And the pink geranium Angel Girl planted way back in May?
Still going strong.

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