Welcome to the Coffee Chat!!
Since I am in recovery from my turkey induced coma wonderful Thanksgiving, this will probably be the shortest chat ever.
Although coffee should at least keep me from crashing face first into my couch cushions.

Since no one wants to see that, let's get straight to the topic for this week.
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I think too often in this modern world that moves so fast and is so focused on the young and the new; things of old are so easily dismissed.  Ignored.  Glossed over.    And this includes our elders.   Their wisdom surely seems ancient and outdated in a world that relies on so much, and ever-changing, technology.   It's a shame.   And shameful.

Well - just remember, the woman above made it through school without Google and a smart phone.
Absolutely we should be learning from those who walked the path before us.   Wiki can't tell you everything.   Oh sure, it can give you all the right answers probably.   But an elderly person's advice is priceless because they can tell you more about being Wrong.
And I think that advice will prove golden when your own years have advanced.

Now, the thing I notice first about the lovely lady above -- is the hint of a smile on her face.
Rather Mona Lisa-sh - don't you think?
Like she has a secret.

In our dismissal of our elderly, or our refusal to recognize the full lives that they have lived, we fail to consider that she also may have caught fireflies in glass jars,  kept a private journal, passed notes to her gal pals.....or maybe stayed out a little too late past curfew with a handsome boy once upon a time.

Before she was old and wise
she may have been young and stupid also
in fact, I think one depends on the other

Maybe she was a practical joker.   Maybe she liked to have large dinner parties that shook the house with laughter, music and children spilling out onto the lawn.    Or maybe....she had a hard life.  Maybe joy was fleeting and hope a thing that dangled on a string before her; always out of reach.

But I'd like to think that she sits upon her porch rocker, sweet tea in hand, and thinks back on the years that have passed -- that secret smile playing upon her gentle face.   And that no matter what life handed her, she knows she lived it the best she could.   Every moment.   Age did not rob her of what was important in life - her joys, passions and loves grew along with her. 

So I hope that when I am her age, I still care about the same things I do now.   Family, friends, fun and hopefully -- being Fearless!

And I hope some young whipper-snapper sees past my wrinkles, age spots, and gnarled hands to see my secret smile....... and pauses to ask me why?

And then hopefully I can talk them into watching Steel Magnolias with me......because I also kinda hope I am exactly like Ouiser Boudreaux.

And Warning, I might wear Purple.   (if you've never read this poem - check it out.)

Do you thing different things will be important as you age, or will we worry less?

NEXT WEEK:  "Finish Me" Tale: I will supply the beginning of a short story -- you supply the end.