Welcome to Coffee Chat.
Okay, so we've been a little lonely at our chat the last couple of times, but that' okay.
I am the mom.
I'm used to no one listening.
Har Har.

No worries.  No tricks.
I'll just be here chatting every week, and if you can - I'd love the company.

It's Boo Time!!  
Share something about the Halloween holiday:  
a memory, a great costume, a recipe....or a great trick. 

I've found a few boo goodies for you this week.

1.  Here's a fun interactive wallpaper display:  CLICK HERE

screen cap: it has the option to email

2.   Hate carving those pumpkins and getting covered in all that Slime??    I'll make it easy for you.
      You can carve your own scary, or funny jack 'o' lantern and email it. 

 I carved my own online HERE

3.   I thought these would be some fun school lunches for the kids:


 4.   And some boo-ha-ha's to include with them:

5.   Last Night -- We went a-ghosting!!


Love this new Halloween tradition we have seen in our neighbourhood the past couple of years.
Just get a little Halloween treat bag, fill it with goodies and leave it on a neighbour's doorstep.
Then run!!   Lotsa fun.
Especially if you get ghosted back!
Dibs on the Coffee Crisp kiddos.  

 So what will it be chatters?
A treat?
Or a trick?

Next Week:  Ear Worms  What's currently wiggling round stuck in your head?