Hello and Welcome to the Chat!

Speaking of chatting.....

Do you ever talk to kids?
Because, I talk to kids.
Or, at least I try to talk to kids.
Specifically - my kids.

Truth be told: it doesn't always go so well.   I don't mind sayin'.

I imagine if someone was eavesdropping on a conversation, it would appear very much I suspect, like I have Tourette's:

Monkey boy, come here.  
Because I want to talk to you.   *No!  Don't eat that!*
Why? Because I have to talk to you  *Down! Now*
No - not you MB.   Here.  Here..... Come here.   *No, not you - you stay.*
So this note from your teacher *I said Get Down Now!*  says you got a detention today *why are you naked?!* and I would like to know why? Did you get in trouble?  A fight?  Not listen......*A swimsuit and a toque? really? that's all you could find to wear?*
So what happened MB?  *I don't know where your polka dot dress is...Look!*
*Big Sigh from Monkey Boy*  the note....from my teacher.
Yes! I know!  What is going on with that.....?    *try in your dresser drawer child!*
With....the....ah.....note.. thing.   Detention.    *then look in the closet!*
Hmmm.....MB?  Answer me please... *ZooZoo cries -- didn't I say get down? -  looking at MB - I said Get Down - twice in fact, right?  but did she get down?
MB: No, she didn't. 
back to me:  No she didn't and now she's hurt *For goodness sakes Angel Girl - pick something else.  And no - it is not the Worst Day Ever.  But I'm about to make it....*
Monkey Boy?  What are you doing?  *sigh*
Seriously - what - don't just stand there.  *as poor MB stands there shaking his head*
Child ... go do your homework.   You don't want detention do you?  *fine - wear the ballet dress!*
Do you?
MB: No. 
Me:   Great - off you go then.   *ZooZoo - don't lick that!  and why are you naked now?"

True Story.

A horror tale in fact.   Because it's a pretty much ongoing nightmare most days.

I wish I could write a better ending, but that would likely require being able to actually finish one entire sentence without someone interrupting me.

Since I don't have a big chance of finishing a sentence, let alone a whole story --- perhaps you my best chatters could help me out?

Your assignment should you choose to accept it:  Finish the following the story...

It was a dark and stormy night.   (because, actually, it is.)
The rain pelted against the tin roof of the old house.   The wind shook it's windows.  
A stormy symphony of sound that raised the hairs on your arms...and sent the cat into hiding somewhere in the dark corners of the manse.   How could a night that was supposed to be so full of sweet promise - turn so frighteningly sour?
The storm had knocked out the satellite.    Alone in the dark and with nothing to occupy her thoughts,  Amy sat on the very edge of the couch; nervously wringing her hands.  The soft glow of the fire casting shadows upon her pale face.
Suddenly two bright beams cut the darkness through a dirty streaked window.  The intense lights highlighting the startled look on her eyes...... and the rumbling sound of a car's engine heard above the rage of the storm as it pulls into the driveway.  
And then, the sound a door closing....

So.....what happens next?
It's up to you to tell The Rest Of The Story. (click to hear a Paul Harvey original.)

No worries about detention. 
I probably can't make it the entire hour without an interruption.
Or some kind of spontaneous nudity.
But that's a whole other story.

NEXT WEEK:  It's Boo Time!!  Share something about the Halloween holiday:  a memory, a great costume, a recipe....or a great trick.