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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

How would you finish this statement?

If life were a video I could rewind, I’d go back....

 I am not one who wants to live a life of regret.
I would like to be able to look back and feel I had always done my best.

I've also certainly had my share of adventure.
And misadventure.
I've always seemed to have trouble walking the straight line.   Even when I wanted to.  But, I managed to stay on the right path; more or less.

As for the times I strayed, I wouldn't go back and change those.  For what it's worth; those missteps have made me who I am as much as the the steps that were sure and true.   I never really strayed so far, that I have anything to hang my head in shame.  Or full of regret.

But there is one thing that nags me a little bit.   Something that I wonder, had I stayed the course: would life be that different now?

You see, I was very good at sports.   I mean, I went to Young Olympians Summer Camp when I was in Public School good.
I played baseball, soccer, basketball, volleyball,  pentathlon for track and field (5 events), and ran for hometown track team.  And I was good at all of them.   Never tried out for a team I didn't make.
Including football.
Mostly, I was fast.  Wicked Fast.   I outran kids several years older than myself.
I set records.   Local, county and once even Provincial.

It was great.  I loved the training, the discipline, the competition, the bonding that happens amongst the girls of a team.   Everything about it was great.   Except....

...one thing.

There was a person who made it absolutely miserable.    They pushed me - and not in the encouraging way.  The yelling and criticism way.    No matter what sport I did, they were right there often, on the sidelines:  one part of them super proud I know for sure; the other part just pushing, pushing relentlessly.
There were issues with this person on a personal level.   Suffice to say, I hated him.
But I was stuck with him.
And he ruined it for me.  His presence sucked all the joy of the game and the thrill of victory (don't even go there about "agony of defeat" - he was merciless there) out of the experience.

So...because I was young and felt I had no voice, and he wasn't leaving:  I did.
I quit.
It just got to the point I was so full of knots, I couldn't compete.

Due to my youth, I don't know if I would be able to change anything going back.  I would like to think that armed with the knowledge I now have, I could have stood up to him.   Marked my territory and stuck to it.
Or at the very least, been strong enough inside to not have let him ruin my love for sports, or steal my joy.
Because that's how I let him win.
And I am the one who is supposed to win!

I've had knee surgeries since this time, so even though I still love sports, I am not as quick on my feet these days.   But that I can accept.   At some point, maybe life changes and it becomes necessary to quit.
But as least it's your choice.
I didn't feel I had a choice back then.
And that kind of quitting has never felt right to me.

Is there a point in your life you'd like to return to and have a "do over?"

Next Week:   You have 60 seconds to make a speech to the entire world - what do you say?
Think of this as your "Ad Spot" - like a commercial - and your chance to have your say.