Hello and welcome to Tuesday's Coffee Chat everyone!
My thanks and appreciation to my fellow chatters who make this a highlight of my week!

There is so much on my mind this week.
This great big wonderful world we've been given.
Have we messed it up so bad......that we cannot go back?

My eldest was asking me how many continents there were in the world.   It seems there is some debate over whether there 5 (think of the Olympic Logo of 5 rings), 6, or 7.
Some even say 8.

I grew up with 7:   from largest in size to smallest: Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe, and Australia.[1]

Looking at a map of the continents, Angel Girl remarked on how big it really was - to which Monkey Boy asked:  "why does Disneyland sing the song It's A Small World then?"

I told him that the song was based on a ride that was in each of the Magic Kingdoms.   That the ride was supposed to represent how even though people are spread all over the globe; we are one people.  One race.  

How do you explain the concept of International Unity and World Peace to kids, when what they really want to know is:  Why Can't Everyone Just Get Along?

 Tuesday, October 8, 2013

You have 60 seconds to make a speech 
to the entire world:
 what do you say?

Well kiddos, let me see if I can answer that.
I don't know all of life's mysteries; but there are a few things I do know.

First of all - Manners.   They ALWAYS matter.
You'd be surprised how far a little courtesy can go.   And how much you can make some one's day, just by remembering your  please and thank yous.  
It will also help greatly if you remember in life you are more What You Do.....than What You Say.    SO....

- hold that door for someone
- give up your seat if you are able bodied
- Listen:  don't just wait for your turn to talk
- don't throw sand.....and when you're older - mud
- respect your elders 
- don't litter.  Ever
- be true to your word
- never forget:  the world actually Does Not owe you anything

That's all a good start.
And yes, I know; not everyone will follow the rules.  Not everyone will play nice.   But that isn't your concern.  YOU are your concern.   At the end of each day, you have to be okay with You. 
I wish I could tell you that if you follow all this advice, no harm or bad will ever happen to you.  But that simply is not the truth.  The world can be a crappy, lonely, hateful.....But!

 In an effort to remember this.  To always be mindful of our gift of a great big wonderful world, and that there is plenty of good and wonder still to be found......SO...

-  watch lightning......safely from a distance; but watch
-  pet puppies and cuddle kittens - Always
-  write letters - actual letters, or send postcards
-  Read
-  be a Helper
-  plant something
-  never hurry, never worry
-  Art - seek it out
-  walk in the rain and remember: somewhere it is badly needed
-  learn something new every day
-  have a grateful heart
-  have a dream

Well, that's my 2 cents worth in sixty seconds.

What message would you give to the world if you had the stage for one minute?

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