As many of you know, Monday's is when I beat the Manic Monday Meltdown by getting my groove on!
This week is a Freebie week.....but hey, it's not always about what I want around here.
(actually, yes, it pretty much is.)

But since I am a good mom and excellent Make Wish Come True Music Maker, this week I will graciously turn the music over to the Littlest DJ -- who happens to be "this many" today: many is that ZooZoo?

 Right - Happy 4th Birthday ZooZoo! 

Now... put the needle on the record baby.

the needle. on  record.
records play music....from many years ago.  never mind.   Hit Play.

 Welcome aboard our 164th wk. of “Monday’s Music Moves Me”!  We are back in business cuz Mama is back in town, and ready to ROCK & ROLL!  So, I said are you ready to Rock & Roll maybe give me some boogie oogie oogie…  I CAN’T HEAR YOU!!!!  I SAID ARE YOU READY TO ROCK AND ROLL?  YOU KNOW THE RULES.  FOLLOW EVERYONE, STOP AND COMMENT AND ROCK THE HOUSE!

First....because of course:

And all the Minions Sing!

What I must sing every night to send her off to dream land.
It's not a perfect strategy sadly, but the song is cute:

Guys.....I so so apologize in advance...but you know what they say: what the Birthday Minion wants, the Birthday Minion gets.
Beside, I do know what the screaming I Wants IT 4 year old says.  Loudly.

Whaddaya say y'all?