Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians!!!
Hope your day is filled with food, fun, family .......also, wine if that helps.

Someone told me that the amount of alcohol at family functions should be based on the number of relatives per square foot.   I don't know - do they sell booze by the case??  

As for me......

........I can't believe I ate All The Food.


 too bad I gave away all those Turkey Pants after baby #3:


Welcome aboard our 162nd wk. of “Monday’s Music Moves Me”!  We are back in business cuz Mama is back in town, and ready to ROCK & ROLL!  So, I said are you ready to Rock & Roll maybe give me some boogie oogie oogie…  I CAN’T HEAR YOU!!!!  I SAID ARE YOU READY TO ROCK AND ROLL?  YOU KNOW THE RULES.  FOLLOW EVERYONE, STOP AND COMMENT AND ROCK THE HOUSE!

 This Monday is a Freebie Monday.

First up a traditional Canadian Thanksgiving song by Hagood Hardy.
Some of you might remember it from a tea commercial long ago - which is what it was originally written for.   Others might remember it from the TV pilot movie The Homecoming -- which turned into the long running Waltons. 

Another one that we should remember - for it reminds us where our gratitude should lie on this Thanksgiving Day, is by another Canadian legend Murray McLauglin. 

And because who doesn't want to laugh with a full tummy:

There's no Black Monday of pre-Christmas shopping madness here in Canada. 

Go visit our host!
I think it's a rather convenient plan of Mother Nature that the same weekend we over indulge in tasty goodness,  she has also planned to drop All The Leafy Goodness all over my yards.

So off I go to earn my seconds.

Wherever you are and whoever you may be with, have a blessed Thanksgiving Day.