Oh Canada!!
Home of the beaver, yummy beaver-tails, and as if that isn't confusing enough: 2 official languages.

That's "deux langues" - confusing right?
Because it almost sounds the same as English, non?   Just with an accent.
This is why, in Canada, we learn French in school.....if you speak English exclusively in your home like we do.
sorta.  jury's out.

We start right in kindergarten, thus ZooZoo, at 3 years old, is learning French in school.  And teachers, being smart unlike mommy who just remembers those French words, have figured out that the best way to learn -- is often by singing.

Or, so they think.
Warning:  you may have to excuse my French in what follows.

So sweet little ZooZoo is in the kitchen with me, singing her cute little song en francais, suddenly I am sure I hear one of those French words.

Me:  ZooZoo...what are you singing?  what was that last word?
ZooZoo:   French
Me:  yes, I can hear that it is French.... but what French word is that?
ZooZoo:  what word Mama?  is all French
Me:   yes granted...but that last word in the second line, say it again
*she does*
yep, unmistakable - it's that word for sure.  

Me:  you can't say that word.  that's not a nice word.
ZooZoo:  Can I have a Girl Guide Cookie?  (because, of course - right on topic)
Me:  fine yes.  but don't say that word okay?
ZooZoo:  What word?
Me:  *eye roll followed by deep sigh -- she's gonna make me say it* ..... the one that sounds like "ship"
ZooZoo:  no, is shit mama.  not ship. 
Me:  okay, yes - don't say shit.
ZooZoo:  but I have to - Madame says it. 
Me:  well, I don't think Madame is actually saying that.... perhaps you are saying it wrong.
ZooZoo: no, I said shit right.
Me:  ok ok - stop saying IT.   sing another song.
ZooZoo:   *sad eyes*  but madam says to practice this shit song.

Me - Internal voice:  good lawd - are you kidding me? did she Just Say That!!?

I consider this is probably one of those teaching moments I hear about.  That I should say something really profound and maternally sound here.   I consider this ......as I watch the moment sail right on by.
because honestly?
this shit is funny.

Me:  Okay -- practice your song --- but just here at home okay.  

Because of course I am going to be responsible parent and request actual words to the song for when she returns to school.  probably.

ZooZoo: ok mama.  can I have cookie now?
Me:  yes.

Carefully holding her snack, she toddles off down the stairs to join her brother and sister; singing her little naughty French song all the way.   And I think about how we are so caught up with making everything a teachable moment -- instead of enjoying the moment as it unfolds.   Because, she wasn't really singing THAT word - it's a mispronunciation.      The more attention I drew toward it --- the more she actually Said That Word.

So, l choose to see the humour. 
I let it go.

As her song and steps fade, I suddenly hear Monkey Boy holla up from downstairs:

"Mom. Mom! MOM!!!  ZooZoo is singing the word shit!"

And Angel Girl, never one to be left out:

"She did mom. She REALLY DID say shit!"

What can a mom do -- while trying not to laugh?
If you can't beat em, join 'em:

Holla back mom:  "OK!! Can everyone please just stop saying Shit!!" 

The sound of giggles.

Fine. Granted.
A few teaching moments couldn't hurt.
Now I got homework.

*Normally visiting Hilary to help find missing words, but since this is Canadian Thanksgiving weekend, no time to hop around.  Except my kitchen.  I am arm deep in turkey and pie and other yummy thankful shit.  I'll stop now.*