Hey y'all! I'm not here today..... you're not gonna believe it!!
I've been drafted!!   I'm in the Big Leagues now!
Well, sorta.

http://s2.hubimg.com/u/1404813_f520.jpgSince I live in hockey land and not "futbol", I don't actually know that much about soccer, or football.  Or why the world can't get together on one specific name for each sport.    Really, is it that hard?   Just hold a meeting.   I'll bring pizza.   I hear sports fans like that.

 Anyway, despite my lack of sports stats and pesky things like...you know, rules: I do know where to get my information about sports.    Or pizza. 
Pretty much all the answers to the all the questions..... especially the ones 3 girls can ask of their father. 

If you want to find out why Google is just a lame old search engine for me now, you have to come join me over at Coach Daddy's where I talk about winning, and losing and how hard it is sometimes to just let your kids Learn About Life.
Or, you know....teach you a thing or two at the same time.
And I'm totally okay with that. 


Coach Eli is amazing:  father, coach, fact finder extraordinaire.    He has that right amount of smarts, seriousness and the sarcasm I love.   I am honoured to be welcomed on to his home field, ....turf.....zone.....whatever.

No matter the details:  I just can't quit ya Coach.

Seriously, come on over -- I'm sure he will have pizza - and see why, when it comes to the parenting gig:  I'm all In - Win or Lose.   

On your mark....set......GO!