One of my favourite bloggers, Susi from Boca Frau, tagged me on this great new blogger project she is doing with Nicolette of Working on a Project.

You know all those wonderful pictures we take of our kids to post, gram, and tweet?
Guess what now?

The Mom stays in the picture.

Working on a Project 
Remember this challenge is about you and your family. The goal is to capture anything you want to remember about this time in your life or will want to share with your kids as they grow. It’s the little things, like how much they love you to read them one particular book or how you build endless towers of block together just to knock them down. We want you to showcase you being Mom and your relationship with your children.

I am sad to say, I really....and I mean hours of finger cramping iPhone swiping and laptop mouse scrolling and much coffee consumed SEARCHING to find a few pictures that actually had me - The Mom - in the picture.

That's what happens when you only have your expensive smartphone as a camera are the official family photographer. 

So here are a few from this past summer:

What's better than Silly Selfies?

my daughter really loves plushie Daryl Dixon
and my son is rarely without Pikachu
 Honestly, I am in this picture.  
You have to look very closely.    Can you see me?
And by that I mean, my head at the bottom of the lil piggy pile?

(very sorry about the half naked child.  it was very hot.  probably. but not likely.)

I call this Mama's Nap Time in my house.
 Pile on the mama will ya?
Well look out kiddos.....Mama's Got A Gun!

Granted, it's a blurry awful picture that my 6 year old daughter took with my iPhone.  But I love it because I have my son's super Nerf blaster gun (dudes - this gun has over 25 bullets in the mag and can fire them 75 feet!!) and I was chasing them all over the park, just as the sun was setting.    And.....yes.....glow in the dark "bullets".   She-Ra Mama!

Just give me that Coolest Mom Ever award now. 

So, most of them are poor in quality.
But big on laughs and togetherness.

And that's what I'd like to remember -- that the snapshots of our lives don't have to be pretty, we just have to take the time to Make Them.   I'd rather have an album full of grainy out of focus action shots -- than empty pages.

I hope my kids look back on these imperfect pictures and remember that their Mama wasn't afraid to get down and tickle, tumble, laugh, giggle, and yes.....I confess, make fart and pretend gun noises.

I hope they always remember, even if I am behind the camera -- Mom was IN the picture of their lives.

Yes... I swear it.
Pretend fart noises. 

*Psssttt!!!  There's a giveaway:  Hilary of Feeling Beachie's book Dangled Carat too.*