This Sunday morning I find myself stuck.
All dressed up ... and  no place to go.
Or rather - a way to get there.

Sunday mornings usually find this little family not relaxing or lingering over pancakes and coffee, but rather scurrying out the door; in a futile attempt to get to the Church On Time.

Better late than never, right?
Since Left Brain is working today - "never" has arrived.
With no car, we are home-bound on our church day.

Having only one car really seems little like a big ole wall in this mama's path most days.

....that reminds me of a little story about a big wall, and a man who was strong and brave.

Love the Veggie Tales movies.   Highly recommend if you want to teach Bible Stories to your kids.

So this was our Sunday School today. 
After the kids watched the video, I had age appropriate worksheets to be completed.

Monkey Boy at age 9 gets some code deciphering:

I will not Fail Thee

And a Bible Verse to memorize Joshua 1:9

While the girls being younger at 6 and 4, get a colouring page with an easier verse:

I thought it would be fun to colour the Shield of Faith like a stained glass window. 

And of course this lesson absolutely calls for some marching and tumbling down fun!

 Which kind of reminded Monkey Boy of this:
LEGO: Lord of the Rings - The Battle for Helm's Deep

Let's try and stay on topic lad: great movies not withstanding.

The bible story of Joshua seemed like a good message for all 3 kids - despite their age differences - because it's theme is one they can all understand easily.   Since they are all school age now, they face daily struggles, trials and things that may cause fear.  
Sometimes the way just seems impassable... and impossible! 
But we are not given a Spirit of Fear! 
They can be strong - no matter where they are, or if Mama is with them - because God is with them!

And even on days where you can't get to where (you think) He is supposed to be?
You find: He's ready, willing and able to meet you where you are stuck at.

Kids say I forgot to show the Themed Snack!
Because of course....most important part of the lesson.  *eye roll*
peanut butter and Nutella spread for desert sand, banana walls of Jericho and Teddy Graham Joshua and soliders