I don't know how Thanksgiving goes at your house, but at my house it goes with Dressing.
And buns - but I haven't perfected that recipe yet, so you get - dressing.

Dressing is very important!


 Also, do NOT do an Internet search for "naked turkey".  
Unless you really, really like hairy naked man.   You're welcome.

Now that I've given my brain a good bleach scrub.....on to the real Dressing.   This:

 I use 1 loaf of bread per about 10-12 pounds of turkey.   Our turkey was just under 12 pounds and the one loaf plus other ingredients was perfect.

Cut your loaf of bread into pieces as per above.   I actually might do this the night before while watching my favourite zombie show Season 4 premiere......but you do whenever you like.    I just put it all back in the bread bag until the next day.   Then I leave it out in the bowl I will mix in for to dry out a bit.
(some people may even use stale bread - which you think might be bad - but actually, the drier the bread crumbs the more liquid it will absorb, thus enhancing the flavour of the dressing.)

I also put some fresh summer savory in with the bread crumbs.

1/2 green pepper, chopped fine
1/2 small onion, chopped fine
1 celery stalk, chopped fine

Put those veggies in a pan with lotsa butter -- yes lots, add a little chicken broth if you need liquid,  and cook as such:

 then add those veggies warm to the bread mixture.

My method, passed to me from my mom who learned it from my grandma who probably learned it from her grandma - which means hundreds of hungry farmers have given their seal of approval over many years....
add some chicken broth/stock to the bread mixture:  you want it moist enough that you can mold into small balls - but not soggy.    Then stuff those balls into your clean and dried turkey.  (I line the bottom of the turkey with sprayed tin foil - it just makes it easy to pull the dressing out when bird is cooked.  but it is not necessary.)

 I apologize for that shot. 
wow - turkey looks much better cooked.  

Anyway, don't forget to stuff the neck if you have enough dressing.   This way, you fold and pin the neck skin up over the dressing, and as the turkey cooks the skin will brown: you'll be able to cut that nicely browned neck portion WITH some dressing attached.  mmmmmm...... but back off!! 
I'll cut ya for a piece of that!

Here's the bird all stuffed, trussed and in the roast pan:

pies were cooked in the morning and are already cooling on the table.   I won't include a pumpkin pie recipe because they conveniently print one on the back of the label.  Seems redundant.   
If you want the butterscotch pie recipe.....you'll have to hunt down the cook who made it our local truck stop.  
seriously -- this pie cannot be matched by any recipe I have found.   So this, I buy.

2 pumpkin and 1 butterscotch pie
 If the kids are driving you crazy during all this food prep -- and you haven't even gotten to opening that bottle of wine, fine second bottle peeling the potatoes yet, here's some holiday craft ideas to keep them busy. 
All you need is some pie pumpkins and various gourds, glue, feathers, googly eyes, pipe cleaner, pom poms and even some Sharpie markers will write on the pumpkins. 
The turkey is made from a large apple.

We also made little ghosts from a tennis ball and an old white flannel sheet I had that was ruined, so I cut to make the ghost shape around the ball and then tied with string.    Then they drew faces on them.  Later we will hang them from the branches of the tree in our front yard, in time for Trick or Treaters.

So by the time all the pies have cooled, the table is set and the decorations dripping in glitter glue are reasonably dried -- because honestly, glitter is for EVERY holiday decoration (eyeroll).....your bird with it's delicious stuffed dressing should be ready.

 I realize it probably would have been nice to also include a shot of the turkey carved and the dressing laid out Just So on my lovely china platter...

...but fine, you come over next year and get in the way of a hungry Left Brain to take That Picture.

You'll just have to trust me:  it was delicious.

I'll have a yummy easy Turkey Pot Pie recipe later in the week for all those leftovers.  

Happy Thanksgiving!