Every Thursday I participate in a ladies coffee group.
Kind of like my real life Coffee Chat.

We are currently doing a parenting study called, Loving Our Kids On Purpose, by Danny Silk.

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We are only 2 sessions in at this point, so I don't have a full review of the series just yet.   But so far, I like Mr Silk's humorous and real approach.  

So far, one of the key things that has stood out for me is:  rather than trying to control our kids.  Or, trying to manage their behaviour and consequently being afraid of their misbehaviour; we should instead be raising/teaching them to manage their own behaviour.     When we know and are confident in our response/reaction to their choices, we no longer have to be afraid of those sometimes - or even frequent - bad choices.

He suggests specific dialogue techniques in order to do this.   I am really interested in trying this out to see how it will play out.  Ideally, you shouldn't be drawn into an argument, debate or negotiation with your child.   The onus is to be placed back on them (in age appropriate methods of course - he outlines that too.)   In a nutshell, you are teaching them how to manage increasing levels of freedom, while also protecting that loving connection that exists between parent and child.

And viola:  mischief managed.

We shall see.

But he used this Super Smart Dog video as a (clearly cheeky) example of how we all as parents would like our children to obey:

But I am sure Hilary doesn't have any mischief with her cute little furry love Lucy.

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This week’s statements:

1) Help! I really need.......um, Imma go with money.  guessing you're all clicking away now, right? 


2) My middle child  is my new favourite because she says I look real purdy with my shorter hair.

3) I cannot wait to do the Zumba exercise again next week.  Love it.

4) The sentence has many letters.    
I know what you're trying to do.  You're trying to trick me.  You can't trick me Ms. Word Fill In Girl!!     The sentence uses 21 letters, or you could also say, it uses 9 distinct letters (excluding my insertion of "many").   Or, the part "the sentence" has 11 letters.
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I am sure there are other combinations, but for now, I think I have proven well enough.....

       ...Mischief Managed on the trickster fill in!