week has been a total bust.

No Zumba.
No real time Ladies Coffee Chat.
No Aquafit.
Nada for mama.

What did mama get?
Germs. of 'em.

The Littlest Who is missing her third day of school this week.  
I keep trying to send her, but you know those pesky school rules about kids being healthy and snot free.

 Geesh, you'd think she was infected with Zombie virus.
Mombie Alert

Nay. Nay.  That would be me - since she has kept me up every night this week as well.
I apologize if I have left any weird blog comments this week.   Or not visited at all.

 But, I've got to get this kid healthy because her birthday is Monday.   Granted, she already told the school it was her birthday on Thursday.   They even threw a little party for her at school -- before they bothered to check to see If In Fact it was her actual birthday. 

Whoops.  Seems Kidspeak fever has hit us all.

A recent little tidbit from the soon to be 4 year old:

ZooZoo:  It's my birthday!!
Me:  No - not yet.  Monday.
ZooZoo:  yes - then I will be this many *holding 5 fingers up*
Me:  No, you will be 4 - this many *shows correct fingers*
ZooZoo:  Yes!  I will be big girl!   I will be teenager!
me:  yes you will be a big girl, but not teenager big.
ZooZoo:   but soon I will be a teenager.......and then I can use knives
me:   not exactly soon.     wait...what....knives?    why....with the knives?
ZooZoo:  cause I can be careful
Me:   *nodding in understanding*  

Internal voice: no. no.... I don't understand at all.

Apparently she is preparing for that Zombie Apocalypse.

You know the fill in drill by now.   Hop on over to Hilary's to join us.
This week’s co-host is Carla from Random Rambings!

This week’s statements:

1) I wear the color blue a lot.   Not really sure why since it's not actually my favourite.

 2) I think that manners make the world a nicer place.   They will always matter.

3) Ugh!  This cold virus is getting on my nerves!   (and likely every surface of my home.)

4) Getting my driver's license was a major accomplishment for me.   Driving. Phobia. Big.Time

And thanks to a sneak preview from this Sunday's The Walking Dead, which features a massive Zombie Herd of over 7,000 --- I may never drive again.

No No No!!   Daryl Dixon is driving that Car!!! 

Hey, it could happen.
It's Virus Season and you should see the line up at my local Tim Horton's Drive Thru.