Welcome back to my weekly Coffee Chat java lovers and those with the gift for gab! 

I debated about continuing this meme.
To be honest while having some very loyal participants over the past couple of years, it never really became The Next Big Thing!

But then I realized something:  I missed y'all this summer during the break, and it occurred to me - with quite some impact I should say:

Maybe Quantity will eventually come, maybe it won't:  but I sure got QUALITY!!
To all those who have participated in the past, I am so looking forward to chatting with you again!

Spread the word - The Chat Is Back!!

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This weeks' topic: 
Favourite Summer of 2013 Memory/Moment

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This week, share a moment from this past summer that is sure to become one of those treasured memories.    Or perhaps it can be captured in a single picture, or even a slide show of a particular event.
A day at the beach, a backyard BBQ with friends and/or family, a wedding, the magnificent blooms of your favourite roses....or maybe some silly impromptu fun.  

I don't know if I can pick just one moment from this summer, but a definite big one can be found in this picture:
click to enlarge

 Yeah sorry -- it's very blurry.
That's because it was really windy that day on the beach and the water was quite chilly for July.
A storm was moving in.
ZooZoo did not have her floaty wings on for safety.  (although it is not past the waist here at all.)
They are all wearing their clothes......except Monkey Boy, who of course has stripped to his boxer shorts.

All good and valid reasons I thought for NOT going in the water.
But you know kids -- these just seemed like little obstacles standing in the path of Good Fun!!
Plus, they were rather hot and sweaty from a hike in the woods nearby.

Soooo....mama let her stern face relax, and found a comfy rock to sit on to keep a watchful eye.....and let the children play.

 They didn't care that it was windy.  They didn't care that it was a bit cold.  They didn't glance nervously at the dark clouds on the horizon coming fast.   They were in the moment.  Together.
Laughing, splashing.....and thankfully being aware enough to help ZooZoo back up when she went under a few times.
I barely even panicked.   And neither did she.

These are the moments to live for.   Unplanned.  Unscheduled.   Undirected by hovering moms, or dads who have snuck off to the Tuck Shop for ice cream cones.   Letting kids be kids (and OK, knowing you do have some spare towels and clothes in the van, so why not?)

These small moments that shine so bright - they grow BIG.

And in shining so bright, become not the moments you wish you had grabbed onto and held tight, but the moments you will forever be thankful you just let happen.

The rewards are pretty sweet indeed!

What moments did you grab hold of this summer and let shine?

NEXT WEEK:  As per the Chat Sneak Peek Page - The Weird And Wonderful!  Got Stories?