It's a holiday Monday here in Canada.
Yes, again.
I've baked banana bread and peanut butter cookies!

Hmmmm.....doesn't exactly scream "get your party on" does it?

But don't judge us too harshly for another holiday.   It's the last one of the summer, school starts Tuesday (woot!), and you know I am most likely to be the first buried under snow soon.

 XmasDolly, Conductor on this Musical trip is back & ready to rock.  I got a good report from the doc last Friday & one more week for being grounded and then I get my wheels back (he added a week, bummer).  Co-conductors Callie of JAmerican Spice, Stacy of Stacy Uncorked, Cathy of Cathy Kennedy’s Blog & for the month of September there is no   Honorary co-conductor! :(   Anyone like to volunteer???

*Note to fellow music lovers joining in the 4M:  Read The Fine Print on Dolly's blog!!  You don't want to miss something good!  Just saying.*

 Today is a Freebie on Monday's Music, so it's an eclectic mix I am bringing.

A little reggae feel for the final days of sun:

And since it is a holiday for us.....  you know what that means:  rain.

And since ALL The Kids will be in school......mama's on permanent holiday.  ish.
An oldie one of theirs, but a goodie.

I guess it was All oldies but goodies today.
Not sure what that says about how I am feeling..????

whatever.  I got cookies!!  :)

Have a good week everyone!