Wow, when I said it was really quiet here, I honestly didn't intend for that to mean literally HERE.
As in the sounds of crickets on my bloggy space.

Forgive my absence this week....I was taking time out for mom.
But during that absence, I was trying to get around to visit most of my favourite blogs too.   If I didn't get to yours yet, I will soon.

I seem to have entered more of  Reading phase, than a Writing one lately.
Even though I practically filled a small notebook on my 4 hour train ride to Toronto, and then back.

Also, touching Norman Reedus; haven't really discussed that at length have we.
That's just not acceptable.

Oh, I read a book!  Actually a few.  that's something.

So, interesting things are coming

But for now, you know the one phase I am always Music!!

  XmasDolly, Conductor on this Musical trip is back & ready to rock.  Still waiting for a result of a test  got a good report from the doc last Friday & one more week for being grounded and then I get my wheels back (he added a week, bummer).  Co-conductors Callie of JAmerican Spice, Stacy of Stacy Uncorked, Cathy of Cathy Kennedy’s Blog & for the month of September there is no Honorary co-conductor! :(   Anyone like to vounteer???

This weeks theme is Becca’s from Everyday Life your favorite Disney song be it classic or from a movie, and the other is from our very own Cathy Kennedy and she has chosen music from the 70′s.  So mix those two together and let’s rock.

Disney and the 70s?!

I so got this.
I've had the life of a cat lately, lying around - struck down by a stray sunbeam upon the bed - and catching up on my Wilfred episodes.  Which is about.... a dog.... I did have a point here....

Oh Yes -- Everybody Wants to Be A Cat!!  (The AristoCats - 1970)

To live the life of a cat is fairly simple;  you just need a few essentials:  a cozy warm spot, a soft blanket ...actually, I think that's pretty much it.   Talk about your Bare Necessities!

Of course, everyone knows what happens in the jungle.....the mighty jungle...

How about the real 1972 version (which is actually not the original, but hey....don't rub my fur wrong about it m'kay?)

Here's a little more about the life of a cat....although, not sure this is one you want to dance to.
But it definitely got my belly shakin!!

Have a good week everyone!
Find a spot of sun....and shake your thing.
Or, nap.
It's all good.