My second Monday waking up and looking forward to a day of No One In The House But Me!!!
I could get use to this.

Before I get to this weeks Freebie choices, blogger friend Hilary of Feeling Beachie wrote a book!
And it is awesome.   You can see my review here.

A Message From Cathy Kennedy's Blog:  Our lovely hostesses, XmasDolly, had to be whisked to the hospital over the weekend. She's dealing with infection problems.  Kindly keep her in your thoughts & prayers. We have the Dancing Queen's back with this her baby and the rest of the of the 4M crew ~ JAmericanSpice, Stacy UncorkedJust the stuff ya know myself are ready to hit the dance floor with you!

Thoughts and prayers sent your way Dolly!  I hope you are back on your feet and rocking with us again soon!

 As I mentioned, with all the kids in school, I have been using my time wisely to catch up on some TV series that I hear others rave about.  Thus far, I have been really impressed with a couple of shows - both genres I likely would not have given a chance.

In addition to the great writing and acting, I usually discover new music via TV (and movies), so I am using my Freebie Week to showcase some great music from a couple of my favourite new TV shows.

I caught up with all 3 Seasons of The Walking Dead in one week this past summer.
Zombie.  That was me.
I still am not sure if I could actually kill a zombie if ever confronted (hiding behind Daryl, that's me!), but I do know good music when I hear it.

And yes - Bob Dylan will always be good music to me.  

Not a band I normally listen to, but I LOVE this song:

Currently, I am on Season 3 of Breaking Bad.  Ssssshhhh .....don't tell me anything!!
I know, I know...the series finale is coming soon.    With 2 Seasons still to go after this one, I don't think I will make it!!   I actually have bad dreams that I will inadvertently discover spoilers.

This particular song is really interesting because it was by a Canadian Folk Group called Timber Timbre.  Their name came from the fact that some of their recordings are actually done in timbre-framed cabin in the woods --- and the place is actually not that far from where I live!

And if you watched this series, I defy you NOT to sing this song in the shower:

There you go, proof I am really listening to the boob tube.....even is just "resting my eyes" because I am finally Alone in the House!!

What was that?
Did you hear something!?

Okay, someone recommend a FUNNY show Stat!