Last outing I lamented about how old I was feeling.
My Zumba class may have had something to do with that.
And I probably should have mentioned that I started having children in my mid 30' having a 9 year old puts me....
.....well, I was never one for math.  Knock yourself out.
However, I now know it was likely the combination of the Zumba, the 9 year old, AND the cold that arrived last night.
It comes in threes.
That's math I understand.

Still, after a great weekend celebrating my eldest birthday and having my mom here for a visit, I do feel much better; in terms of spirit. 

So it's Monday and I am supposed to be up and Rocking This Place. was birthday cake.

so first, I was all like this:

but my mom also showed up with 3 pies.  And Tim Horton's smiley face cookies.
And the birthday morning pancake and bacon breakfast.

and I may have accidentally made an extra sugar fix snack mix for the loot bags.  accidentally.

so then, I was all like this:

Yep.   Definitely time to bust a move.

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It's a Freebie Week!

Everyone on the dance floor!

everybody get loose now!   No faking it now.

I love the juxtaposition of the classic tango dance, with the in your face street version:

 I love to dance and feel inspired to go find Left Brain and work off all the sweets from the weekend.
Unfortunately Left Brain is also Left Foot.
As in, 2 of them.