I got an A+!!
Clearly if you are frequently stuck here in Time Out, you are not surprised about that. Right?

Well Eschelle over at Mumfection thought I was deserving of an A, and I guess that is why she included me in her awesome shout out feature: Mom of the Week: Back to School Edition


Or, it could just be nice return of how often I stalk her ManCandyMonday's.
Like. Religiously.

 In creating the term “Mumfection” I wanted moms to know and remember we’re only human and we can’t always be complete perfect.  That perfection may not be attainable but Mumfection certainly was, and it means something different for every mum and every family.  After all we’re all perfect to someone just like our kiddos are perfect to us right?? Mumfection, a mum’s form of perfection….

 Either way, you should head on over there to check out how awesome she is, and how I responded to her Back To School questions.

I promise not to tell if you also linger to "sample" the sweets. ;)