So....I am old.
Just thought I'd throw that out there:  see if y'all are paying attention.

How do I know this -- that I am old?
Easy.  My son, Monkey Boy, is turning 9 this weekend.
I have been a mother for almost a decade now, and I still don't know what the hell I am doing some days.
I should have learned ...learnt?....see right there!!!   with the word trouble!

I feel I should know more by now.    Have a few time honoured tricks up my sleeves.

But... know what they say about old dogs.
 And, that's how ya know.

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This week’s statements:

1) I am so Not Ready for my close-up; it's been one of those mornings.

2)  Woe is me, I just noticed I am almost out of coffee!!

3) I am Awesome at keeping secrets.   Seriously, I AM the Vault.,width=378,height=378,appearanceId=95/Tell-Me-Anything,-it-s-in-the-Vault-T-Shirt.png

4) I wish that Thanksgiving was here already.    Because TURKEY.   And mashed potatoes.  And pumpkin pie.   It's the one time of the year I pig out.

And of course, it means Halloween is right around the corner, and Candy.
Which is the second time of the year I pig out.

October is basically Eat All The Food Month.
Preparing for a long cold winter ya know.

Happy birthday Monkey Boy!

Pica Pica - loves plushie Daryl Dixon
What can I're still alive. 
Yeah me!
And If I have made mistakes along the way son --- keep it in the vault.