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A big welcome back to all my much missed chatters who returned last week.
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THIS WEEK:   The Weird and the Wonderful:  Got Stories?

Now that I have quieter and less rushed mornings, I like to read my news alerts while I have my coffee.   I have this little quirk though - I like to check the "Weird News" section first.   I find the ones of life imitating art, or life being stranger than fiction the most fascinating.

Such as, remember this movie a few years ago?

"I grow impatient with these malevolent slithering reptiles on this bloody aircraft"
I may have edited that famous line from Snakes on A Plane: if you can read lips, you may want to look away.

Anyway, I remember the movie being laughed at when it first came out because.....slightly improbable much?
Yes, because we know most movies are in fact rooted in reality.  *side eye*

And then I see the following headline in my Weird News Alert:


A tiny exotic snake was found on a Qantas flight yesterday, leading to 370 passengers being delayed in Sydney overnight.
(see full story here)

To quote Mr Samuel Jackson....."I am greatly surprised and wondering what must have transpired "

translation:  the hell??
I particularly like how they assure us the snake was only "mildly venomous."    Oh, that's a relief!
Well, I don't care if it is just a tiny garden snake.....pretty sure I am getting off that plane pronto.

Can you just?

As if that isn't weird enough, it reminds me of that wonderful day when the old office building I worked in, nestled in a lovely location on the shores of Lake Ontario, spontaneously spewed water snakes out of the toilets one day.
True story.

Here are a couple more interesting little weird news items I found recently:

Actor George Frederick Cooke, who was born in London, carried on working on the stage even after his death in 1812.  George’s skull was used in productions of Hamlet before being given to the Thomas Jefferson University Medical School Library in Philadelphia.

In the early 17th Century, a woman joked to three potential suitors she’d marry them all if they waited their turn – and she did.
Lady Penelope Darcy married Sir George Trenchard of Wolverton and, when he died in 1607 after a year of marriage, she wed Sir John Gage of Firle.
When he died in 1663, she fulfilled her promise and married Sir William Hervey of Ickleworth, Surrey.

Now for the wonderful, since I don't want to leave you with snakes on planes, in toilets, skulls and what might possibly be a Black Widow.

So um yeah......sorry, got something in my eye..... go ahead and talk amongst yourselves.
Keep it weird.
Or wonderful.

NEXT WEEK:   How would you finish this statement?  If life were a video I could rewind, I’d go back...