I think this will go down as the summer that nearly killed mama.
Seriously, we've been so busy that as these last lazy days stretch wide before us until the crazy days of school: I literally want to do nothing.

I'm actually pretty good at it.
But, there has been lots of "doing" too. trust.

(click any photo to enlarge)

There have been wild things:

"excuse me ma'am, do you have the Grey Poupon?"


 and wilderness

beach at Charleston Lake Provincial Park

campsite - but not ours.  Ours would have rain *side-eye*

playground - Charleston Lake
  one wild night out.....or....um "in"

10th Anniversary baby!!

and this wild thing:
mmmmm......angry Hugh.....


these other wild things.....of course

Camping, parks, beaches, pool parties and fairs.....oh My!!

So this weekend, as I mentioned before, mama is off an adventure of her own.
Where if all the ah......ahem....stars align, I will be seeing these 2 wild guys as well.


 I do hope to bring back a more personal picture for you ;)

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