I have returned.

That was mostly to reassure my husband that I have in fact returned home to stay, and did not run off with some tall, sexy drink of water.
Of which there were many at FanExpo Canada in Toronto this past weekend.

Here comes the cell phone dump - a more in depth blog post will follow. 
I'm exhausted from, you know, seeing stars and all.

Even the CN Tower got dressed up for the occasion!

First the, characters and costumes (called Cosplay):
(click any pic to enlarge)

Dr Who is very popular - the Dalek - tons of them roaming around.

E.T. - Be good!

This, is IronMan.   This, is also made entirely from Lego!!!!  Amazing

Bag End - from The Hobbit - ALSO entirely of Lego

did you know there was an R2 Builder's club?  yep, there is.  This little guy followed me for a bit after I kissed his head


Cosplay - Michonne from The Walking Dead - this girl was amazing!!!  look how fierce that pose is!

Cosplay - The Avengers

Ghostbusters - The Stay Puff Marshmallow guy!!

from the TV show Wilfred (the only one I saw.)

Michelangelo from Mutant Teenage Ninja Turtles
 My favourite display, of course:

Now, some of the real stars that I saw....

George Takei gave an interview 1 foot in front of me!!  my cousin got his picture taken with him

The Hoff!!!   Security was pretty tight around David Hasselhoff.   I barely got this one.
Oh yes.....This Guy!!  Nathan Fillion - a big fan favourite.  cousin also got a pic with him

Zachary Quinto turned out to be pretty popular himself.  I didn't get to meet him though - just quick pic.
I know, you're all wondering if I got The One I was looking for.....right?

Do you mean....this guy?

Norman Reedus!!!! 
What's that?  Closer?
Okay - how's this then?

it's at this point I realize what a crappy camera my iphone has.... his smile though.  gah.
do better?
puleeezee.... no problem

Steven Yeun, cousin Paul, Ferd, Laurie Holden, Norman, me (and they were all sooo nice!)
 Is that close enough for ya?

How was it hugging Norman Reedus?
Why, so much fun.....Whoops....I did it again.
(and a much better picture this time....I was off balance in the above one.  what can I say?  he Does have strong arms!)

me - getting the Reedus and Rooker squeeze!  

Now, ye of little faith......didn't I tell you I'd bring home a more personal picture of the Dixon Brothers?

I also got to meet Norman when I got an autographed picture.  More on that later.  Also, The Walking Dead panel that we attended.
For now, suffice to say.... he is the sweetest, kindest man and I just wanted to bring him home!!

So, I kinda did.

Welcome home plushie Daryl Dixon!

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