Brace yourselves: Photo Explosion incoming!!

Our day at the local fair.
(click any photo for larger image)

Monkey Boy high on the bus ....wait, what?

the giant crazy carpet slide

The Scrambler -- my fave!!
Hey....we can see our house!! (seriously we can.  we live across the street)

Top of the World Fair View

Are ya ready to spin, Monkey?  Are ya, are ya?

technically, a spinning penguin.  and they SPIN!
 Most of you with children know it's often very hard to capture a picture of them that is not blurry, or out of focus.....because they rarely stand still.

Even harder is trying to catch a perfect picture of them on a moving ride.....

got ZooZoo

whoops. dang it....there they go...

Yes!!  There it is.   Um..ZooZoo?   over here!

Lesson learned:  capture it before the ride begins

but sometimes, you get lucky.....

you may even win a prize!

or two

this pic only makes sense if you know that thing is spinning crazy

ahhh. the tilt a whirl.  another fave! 

I pity her future driving instructing.  you should have seen her handle the wheel

Fair Fuel:  water, cotton candy, Beaver Tail!

 And that wasn't even the end of the day.  
Next time,  it will be the "awwwww....look at the baby goat and chicks and the llama" photo explosion from the Petting Zoo.