Home Sweet Home ..... again!

We've returned from our last camping trip for this summer, and I am almost out from underneath the mountain of laundry that each trip creates.

And cleaning all the camping gear to be stored until next season.

Vacations seemed a lot easier and a lot less work when I was younger..????

So be patient as Time Out gets back into the regular swing of things.  I'm trying to get around to visit everyone, but I also have a pool party to go to today.
Life.....it's sooooo  hard.

And then I am off on another trip this Thursday.   More about that later in the week, but it does involve this guy:


 So stay tuned for more about that.

In the meantime, a very important Public Service Announcement from your blogger friend who cares.  A little something I learned on this recent camping trip.

Poison Ivy - showing woody stem

This.......  is Poison Ivy.

The leaves can look somewhat different.   But there will always be 3, on it's stem.

The Key part ....is the woody stem.

 see it at the bottom?

NOT poison ivy

Such as this....  Virgina Creeper. 

Which can have 3 leaves if young plant, but more often has 5 leaves.

It's often mistaken for the poison ivy vine.

how can you tell you have come in contact with poison ivy, and not say... Virginia Creeper or some other plant?

You'll be scratching a rash that looks like this:


Which is very different from just....say, mosquito bites, such as this:


And if you belong to my family, who recently ventured into the Canadian wilderness,  you are lucky enough to have BOTH on your legs ---- for easy comparison.

Unless of course, you happen to be the mommy who is the lucky 5% of the population who is immune to both.

Sorry guys.   Blame daddy's genes.

*If you come in contact with poison ivy, wash area immediately with warm, soapy water to get the oil off.   It may not completely prevent the rash, but it will minimize hopefully.   wash any other affected areas: such as your flip flops (ahem) also so that you do not reinfect yourself.  repeatedly.
Not that anybody did that.  *eye-roll*)

A slice of lemon rubbed on the areas will soothe the itching of both bug bites and poison ivy.

Now, forget the big stick:  just tread carefully folks.