I am a little late getting to my Listicles list today.
Technically: Welcome to Tuesday's List!

Forgive me, it was a holiday Monday here in Canada, and I did practically nothing all day.

As it turns out, that was exactly the point.


1.  trashy romance novel

2.  latest gossip magazine  (don't judge, I had no idea who Snooki was or why it's important she had lost weight and was wearing high waisted shorts.  Inquiring minds!!!)

3.  4 gumballs: 2 pink, 2 purple

4.  snack size jar of Sour Cream and Onion Pringles chips

5.  bag of Sour Patch Kids

6.  iPod full of downloaded cheesy and classic summer tunes

7.   wrinkled student's notebook

8.   pen that splots black ink everywhere

9.   bottle of Coke

10.   rain clouds

These are the items that followed me to my Mama's Day At the Beach - no kids allowed!! I had mentioned on Friday.

How was my day out?

Please make special note of item #10.

But I can say the hot bath I had after returning home chilled to the bone, was very practical refreshing.
Also, Sour Patch kids and Coke --- fizz in your mouth.
But a Pringles potato chip calms it right down.

Impractical knowledge?
HA -- not if you want to save a lost day at the beach from being completely ruined.

Sometimes, you just have to be practical and make your own fun.
In lieu of the perfect hot sunny day: I highly recommend the tub picnic.