I am off in the woods again!
Y'all are starting to wonder if I am half lumberjack or something, aren't ya?

Nay, Nay.
I just love camping.   I seriously would sleep outdoors in a tent all summer long.
As long as I can stay dry that is. 
Woods I like, wet I don't.

Thus, I will be also be unplugged for the week, so not participating in my usual blog hops.

But feel free to make your own list of 10 and say hi to Stasha for me:

This weeks topic: 10 Ridiculous Photos You Saw Online

Or, if music is your thing, drop by XmasDolly to hear some great tunes!  

This week you can choose between Cars theme, or the one I suggested
Splish/Splash (think summer water fun)

And if you are wishing you could be off relaxing by a warm bonfire on a cool summer night with me, well here's a little Indoor S'mores recipe so that you can pretend you are with me in spirit.

It's very easy.
Just lay out enough graham crackers on a cookie tray (on parchment), or if you have stoneware like me it works great.  

On one side place your square of chocolate (Jersey Milk is the best!), or a couple of chocolate chips.
On the other side place your marshmallow.

Like this:

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees.
Once preheated, switch to broiler and put the s'mores on the top rack. 

Set your timer and don't walk away!!!
It will not take long at all - about 3 minutes Max.

When the tops of the marshmallows are perfectly browned and the chocolate is soft....but not completely melted:  they're done!


Then simply put your marshmallow graham cracker on top of the chocolate covered graham cracker and PRESTO!!!   You just made oven s'mores!


 If that's a little "heavy on the dessert" for some of you, I also make this nice s'mores inspired snack mix that is maybe a bit more calorie friendly. 

Here's what you need:  mini marshmallows, chocolate chips, golden grahams, pecans/peanuts, and sometimes I add some butterscotch chocolate chips just for variety.   It's really tasty and easily carried with you for a day at the beach, hiking, picnic....whatever.


 See y'all in a week!
Have a good one.