As I mentioned yesterday, I am off on another wild adventure!

I love being in the wild and gazing up at the summer sky.
an inky canvas all blotted with sparkle and shine.

Well....except in our case, because as you know: rain.

Anyway, this adventure, I am sure to see some stars!
Although not what you might be thinking.....

For this weekend, I am Via train bound to the big city of Toronto:

 I have my bags packed .....and It All Fit!!
(although I have also discovered I am seriously fashion challenged these days.)

For the record, I won't be dressing like this:
Don't get me wrong - it would totally cool.   But I will leave it to you younguns'.

The Guest List is pretty amazing.

Recognize any of those faces?
anyone, anyone?

How about the name.....The Hoff?
Yep - Mr Knight Rider, Baywatch himself will be there.

I can't stand it.

And then they added Carrie Fisher
Princess Freakin Leia!!

Someone get the smelling salts.
I will be in Fangirl overdrive long before I make it to the Walking Dead Q and A Panel.

I'll be unplugged except for perhaps tweeting any pictures I stalked captured of  Norman Reedus.

Catch up with everyone next week!