The summertime fun continues.

But:  today was a good day.
Check it out Hilary --- we're feeling beachie!!

(click top corner to enlarge)

yes, I know they stick their bums out of the water.  they're being ducks.  I swear.

I know that one in the middle looks weird -- with the tree in the middle -- but I wanted to show off my beautiful beach blanket from Mexico.   Bought for $20 American over 15 years ago when I visited!!!

 Still looks fabulous and bright; and I do use it All the time.     You just shake out the sand - it comes right off because they are so tightly woven, and off you go.   It can go in a cold water wash, but you never put it in the dryer.   It's practically dry after the spin cycle anyway.

If you ever go to Mexico, get one.
You seriously won't regret.

And now I kinda get why my kids are so in love with their stuffed lovies.