I had a really bad day this week.
Actually, I've probably had many bad days in many recent weeks.

It's hard being a mom.
There, I said it.   Fire at will.

What I really mean is, it's hard being a GOOD mom.
That's an important point to clarify.

The problem arises when we all disagree on what exactly makes a "good mom."
Or rather....you try to push your idea of what that means/looks like unto me.
And I reject.
Because....I am me.   That's all I have to be.
I don't have to be you.

And whether you are me, or I am you, or we meet somewhere in the middle in perfect harmony; there is one sure thing I know about both of us.

Neither of us is perfect.
We are both going to make mistakes - and often big ones - while doing this parenting gig.

And no. Just feckin No.
I do not think it makes a good world for us to all go around pointing out one anothers' faults, mistakes and not so golden moments.   Especially in the name of Christian loving guidance.  
Good Lawd -- I'd never be able to shut up.
Imagine.  Running around every day calling people out on their bad deeds.   I am certain we had a name for that as children........
oh yes:  tattletale
It also reeks dangerously close to bullying IMHO.

Please do not put the responsibility of policing your behaviour onto me.
I already have 3 children and one Left Brain.   And your parent should already have done that job.
Ohhh....also:  you're a grown ass adult.   Police your own damn behaviour. 
Then perhaps you can give my the benefit of the doubt that as an intelligent woman; I will do the same.   A little courtesy might just go further than a cutting remark.
Besides, I submit, if you have not learned to by now, there is likely nothing I could say or do to improve the situation.    I am quite sure my finger-pointing will not endear you to me; nay, nay.

So perhaps the next time you feel like casting a stone at me, you might want to think about that little proverb regarding glass houses.  Because this mama - Is Done with criticism, judgement, side-eyes, too big judgie pants and any other tsk tsk finger pointing y'all feel like tossing my way.

And I really, really don't appreciate being kicked in the head, blind-sided, when I am already down.

I am Mama, and next time, you will hear me roar.
And I will bring that glass house the fuck down.

 This Brendas' weekly hop where she posts a prompt and you get to write to it on your - come back here and add it to my linky and then we all get to go read what you wrote!

Today's prompt is: Break

 I may have been a little off topic today.   Then again, I may have been bang on because the phrase that comes to mind is:  "the straw that broke the camel's back."

Words.  They can make you or break you.

Words hurled with the force of a salty spray which breaks upon the rocky shore, while redden'd cheeks evidence their still chilly sting.

Words lost before utter'd, snuffed as the match struck and burnt out before the fire is lit.

Sometime they come so fast, so easy; we can't take them back they are gone so swiftly.
Sometimes.....they won't come at all.

Break, break, break, 
  On [thy]1 cold grey stones, O Sea! 
And I would that my tongue could utter 
  The thoughts that arise in me. 
 Alfred Lord Tennyson

Still other times, drawn and weary: you break......and the words just bleed out onto the page.