I don't know about the rest of you, but music for me often depends very much upon my mood.

Due to this, you will hear a lot more country and reggae coming from the speakers during the summertime, than you will any other time of the year.
Summertime just represents a time when everything should be light, airy and easy.  Nothing is ever hard, bad or sad when the sun is shining its face down upon you.  


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Today's Theme:  Summertime Songs courtesy Chrissy @ Loving Life

 I know that the latest trend over the past decade, is one song that becomes THE Summer Hit.   While they are normally a great catchy, summer feelin tune, I tend to like the more tried and true classics.   Songs that take me back to idyllic days of youth.
You know.....back when I had Fun.   *side-eye*

One of the first songs that always comes to mind when I think of summer.  And if you lived under snow and ice for as long as I do in the winter months, you'd understand why it is such a joyous when you can see the sun has finally come, and it's warmth begins to break through the clouds.

If you've ever walked out of your toasty warm house and stepped full on into a Northern Canadian icy blast of wind that can literally freeze your eyeballs and take your breath away, the warmth of a summer wind is......well, better.

And Buble tends to make me feel all warm and cozy too ;)

A blast from my past.  I am certain as a teenager, my girlfriends and I listened to this song All Day Long.   I am sure our parents thought it most "cruel" of us to play it so much....but to this day, it remains my official summertime anthem.

And if you always wanted to learn to surf like me, but don't live near an ocean....check out the Blue Crush version here.

As I said, sometimes in summer......I can get twangy and suddenly "y'all" passes my lips with greater frequency.    I can get all sweaty at the mere mention of the word "cowboy."
I spent most of my summers on the farm as a child.....but I sure don't recall any local cowboys looking like Tim McGraw!!
Good lawd, cotton candied apple sex on legs.
Sorry - was that outloud?
I mean, gosh, he's a great singer!   Or....something like dat.

I am fairly certain between the ages of 18 to about 23....okay, maybe 25, I considered this song my personal anthem.  And many nights I did in fact see the sun come up.

The Fab Four, Buble, Tim, and Garth.....the boys of summer (and you should click that link to hear a classic) are all here.
But something is missing?
The Summer playlist feels somehow incomplete......

Bob the Minion

What's that little bird?
Oh yes.

 No!   Not that Bob.

Marley! And summer.
much like rum and coke.
just goes great together.

What tunes got you jammin this summer?