I wish I could look forward to Monday's with a little more "oomph."

After all, it's not like I have to catch the early train and be to work by 9 am.
Bonus points if you know that lyric.
(if you like summertime music though - go here.)

 One of the luxuries of being a SAHM is that I could stay home in my pj's All Day, while watching the kids.   It could be fun.   Really, it could.

rarely is.
I remember pajama parties being a lot more fun.

Living the kids' life, is very different than Life With Kids.

This week’s topic comes from Christine : 10 PHOTOS OF LIFE WITH KIDS

1.   You think that with having kids comes all kinds of fun games; and yes, that does happen.   But much more often, there occurs a little game I like to call:   that doesn't go there.

2.   Another fun game is trying to get that elusive perfect family portrait.
honest!  we tried
3.   Celebs make it look so easy.   I am sure hubby and I did look like this after our firstborn arrived.....for about 10 minutes.   Then again, no one paid us thousands of dollars just for a glimpse of our child.   Had they, we might have smiled longer.

4.   When you first have a child, your mind is full of all the great fun things you are going to do with them.   You Can't Wait.   We are going to have soooo much fun kiddo.   Then, around about the time you discover play doh does not come out of carpets so easily......reality sets in:

5.   Hey you know who looks like they are a fun parent?  In addition to being a badass zombie killer?
      Norman Reedus.

6.  Maybe if I killed more zombies, I'd be more fun too.
     Problem is, half the time, because of Life With Kids -- I look like the zombie.

holy crap!!   Scared myself.
Coffee!!  Stat!!

7.   Another thing that changes once kids arrive -- your back goes out.    Travel light?  ha!  I laugh in your face puny carry on!
Back windows:   not really necessary.   You have 2 mirrors, right?

8.   Is it worth it?  all that packing to get to the fun?    We love the beach.  We've done a lot of beach trip this summer.    IDK:  I remember the beach being a lot more fun.

9.    Life with Kids gets really interesting.....and really fun, once they start to talk.   But once they can spell (ish)....oh boy; it's a whole new world - And level of coffee snorting.

10.   Every now and then though, when the sun is high in its heavenly perch and the wind kisses your face with gentle promise; those elusive golden moments shine through and you realize....

....... life with kids is a crazy beautiful adventure.

Life is Beautiful folks -- you just have to notice it.