I have not been very good at making lists lately.

First I was camping, and you know ..... no power, or free Wifi presents a bit of a problem. I did jot some ideas down on some birch bark with a feather quill I plucked from a duck.......but had no way to share it with y'all.

Then I was back from camping and you know...... Laundry.   As in - Mountain Climbing: The Home Game.   Plus all the camping gear to clean and put away.  And the topic was words that make you smile.
"Honey, we need more laundry soap" didn't seem to fit the bill.

But now I have company - my inlaws - which is so perfect because the topic this week is:

10 Reasons Our Family Is Awesome!!

1.  Hugs.   We are huggers.   Accept it, or it will go on forever.   The more you struggle, the tighter we hold.   And ZooZoo is still only knee size.   I've seen her take down grown men.

2.   My father in law makes a mean, spicy Cesar.
     Um...... not sure that really fits the topic.   But I am just throwing that out there anyway.

3.  If you have been a neighbour of ours for quite some time and we suddenly spy a moving van in your driveway:  Angel Girl will make you a nice goodbye card.   There will be tears.   Much like the hug thing -- just let it go.     True Story.
She'll also ask if she can have your dog.  Since you're moving away and all.

4.   There are 5 of us.  3 Bedroom House.    1 1/2 bathrooms.  About 1100 square feet.
       No One Has Killed Anybody Yet!!!

5.   If our gazebo flies up and lands on your roof during a windy rainstorm, we will immediately jump out of bed, dash outside in our PJ's - in the dark freezing rain - and get it back down.   Even if it takes almost 2 hours.
that's okay....you go back to your warm dry bed.   We got this. 

6. Friday nights rock around here!   Movie/Pizza night is the tradition that keeps on giving......mom a break from cooking dinner.

7.   Hubby is a cop who's a great shot, I'm a little bit country redneck AND we  love to camp.   We are pretty much your best bet in the event of the Zombie Apocalypse.


8.    Our ginormous shade giving tree in our backyard brings all the hot people to our yard.   Don't worry, you don't have to be hot for us to let you in.    And I've got lemonade.

9.    We don't allow our kids to run naked through the sprinkler in the front yard.   Any more.

10.     Our Christmas tree is turning a lovely shade of rusty brown at the side of our house, our Christmas lights are still up, our new wooden trim on our big front window is still unpainted, my Christmas wreath is still hanging in the window, there are probably a few toys scattered about the yard......face it:   we make everyone else look Awesome!

And that's pretty Awesome of us.
We just don't like to brag about it.  

(As I mentioned, I have my inlaws visiting, so I might be a little slow in getting around to visit everyone this week. )