Do you lose time?
Or, do you even have time to lose?

I lose precious hours all the time. 
Now before you get the white coats on standby, I don't mean in the sense of suddenly finding myself by the side of the road with my car keys, but no car in sight.   Or waking up in the morning with mud on my feet and no recollection of any night wandering.
Or  you know,  waking up in strange places like hotel rooms and not remembering how I got there..... honestly; that only happened once.  And I swear it was my BFF's fault entirely.  And no, I don't know why there were also 7 police cadets there. 
I assume it was some kind of escort -- since BFF and I did apparently cross a border.


No, my lost time is entirely devoted to searches for Lost Things.
If you have children, you should be quite familiar with the role of Seeker of Lost Things.

Things such as this:
Meet Ducky.  Hi Ducky!
Yesterday, while I was having a rare mama's day out with a friend (no police escort required, I swear), it seems Angel Girl's favourite lovie stuffie that she sleeps with - That Is Very Important Detail!! - went AWOL.

Left Brain and I searched the house, the yard, the car high and low last we watched the bedtime hour minutes tick swiftly away.  8 pm.  9 pm.   Enough.   Eight o' Clock mommy will not be held at bay any longer: go to bed.
Pick any one of the 3, 561 other stuffies in this house and go the $%% to sleep.

Being familiar with Eight O'clock mommy and not wishing to meet 9:30 PM Mama, Angel Girl promptly shuffled off to bed, shoulders slumped and sniffling.

Left Brain and I settled on the couch (and yes, he swears he did check under the cushions for lost fowl first) to watch an episode of The Walking Dead - because he has not yet watched all the seasons and we only have until October 13th Season 4 premiere.......and OMG....could you please get to the end faster so I can let you watch the Season 4 trailer....... and we can discuss All The Details!!!


Anyway, I came up to get my iPhone charger from the bedroom to find Angel Girl laying flat on her back in our bed, eyes wide staring at the ceiling.

"I miss Ducky," said so softly and with such angst that I did briefly feel a pang of sorrow myself for poor lost lil Ducky.
But then, whatever.....because Daryl Dixon awaits!!!

The next morning, Angel Girl woke up and immediately still felt the loss of her little yellow buddy.

I followed her downstairs to turn on a cartoon, while I got breakfast ready, hoping it would take her mind off her lost lovey.   First, let's just smooth out this couch cushion....hhmmmmmm....something ain't right.  It won't smooth.

Lift cushion.
Yes, THAT cushion that Left Brain leaned upon to watch The Walking Dead episode.

And Viola!!!
Found:  one lost ducky.

Whew and a sigh of relief:  which literally translates to - Everyone in bed by 7:30 pm tonight!!
Yeah me!

But first; if you look closely you'll see, Ducky has been given something very special:

What can I say, Angel Girl argued that cows have them so they don't get lost, so Ducky should have one too.  
I didn't have the heart to point out that very rarely does the farmer actually lose the cow himself -- unlike what happens to poor Ducky when he becomes victim to the allure of another plaything and is absently discarded somewhere -- instead I just nodded approval of Duckies' new musical addition.

If nothing else, should she drop him in the grocery store (again), I will hopefully hear the Jingle Bell Alert.

There's also a bonus to being in Full On Seeker Mode: you tend to find things you didn't even know where lost.   Such as 8 pairs of socks, 1 t-shirt and one pair of underwear (?!) stuffed into the back of the lazy boy recliner pocket.   All belonging to Monkey Boy who swears he has no idea how they got there.

1 pair of Angel Girls underwear (what the hell....why are there underwear everywhere!!??) and one winter glove behind the upstairs couch.   Also, Dust Bunnies - not my fault either.  swear.

Or you might get lucky and find that Jake of the Neverland Pirates figurine that has been missing since the Christmas morning it was unwrapped.  You gave up the search around Easter.

Although, you could also find one apple core, 7 stale cheerios and a dime in the couch cushions.

Yes, the very couch cushions that your spouse did NOT find the one item you WERE actually looking for, that WAS there.

I suppose all is well that ends well.
And of course Angel Girl was happy to be reunited.

As Seeker of Lost Things, my record is not too shabby.   Very few items have been lost for good.
Most things usually show up sooner or later.   Often in the strangest places.

But I do notice that despite their cries and heartfelt declarations to Never Be Happy or Sleep again...... it is normally I, the Seeker, who puts the most effort into this game.

While they apparently only excel at the hiding.

I have a feeling it may be on purpose.  I can't prove it.   But I am certain they get some kind of sick, smug satisfaction out of watching me search for their "lost" things.

It may be payback for all those hide and seek games where I sat and drank coffee, while they hid.

Be careful sneaky parents what you do.....for it will delivered back unto you tenfold.

Lost time is never found again.
Benjamin Franklin